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Till date, we’ve tracked over 30 different web hosting companies over a period of 24 months.

This means we’ve up-to-date data to best performing hosts.

In short: Unlike many other ‘web hosting review’ sites, we’ve set up test sites and we’re paying customers to all of the sites listed in this review.

We’ve gathered a lot of data (uptime and load time) and reviewed over 30 different web hosting providers (including Bluehost, HostGator and SiteGround). Here’s what we found most important:

  • COST (+ if they offer a FREE domain name)
  • UPTIME (Average uptime over a period of 12 months)
  • LOAD TIME (Average load times from US, Europe and Asia over a period of 12 months)
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT (Live Chat, Tickets, overall experience and avg. response time)

Here’s a link to describing our process of finding the best web host.

Advertising disclosure: Because we’ve found HostGator, A2 Hosting and SiteGround hosting companies great, all links to them are referral links.


Cheap Web Hosting Companies 2017

1. HOSTGATOR CLOUD: Best Host Overall ($2.99/mo)

  • HostGator Cloud ReviewLOAD TIME: 473ms (2nd out of 30)
  • UPTIME99.98%
  • SUPPORT: Took only 1 minute to get in touch with their support via live chat. Responsive, knowledgable and quick = smooth experience.

Why we recommend HostGator:

HostGator Cloud averaged an uptime of 99.98% which is one of the best in the industry (last 3 months they’ve been at a steady 100%).

Their 473ms average speed is the second best out of all websites we’ve reviewed. And it’s stable, too..

Their regular cost is $13.99/mo, but HostGator has generously given our reader’s exclusive access for only $2.99 / month. (Need a domain name? Only a penny.) That makes their Cloud offering one of the cheapest web hosts out there.


Useful (FREE) extras: Global CDN, Anti-Malware Scan and Daily Backups.

Or read why we rated HostGator Cloud #1st in our reviews.


2. A2 HOSTING: Best Load Time ($3.92/mo)

  • A2 Hosting ReviewLOAD TIME361ms (1st out of 30)
  • UPTIME99.96%
  • DOMAIN COST: $14.99
  • SUPPORT: 24/7 US based support via live chat and phone. Took 2 minutes to get in touch. Accurate and helpful answers.

Why we recommend A2 Hosting?

A2’s 99.96% uptime is great.

But their average page loading times of only 361ms is excellent. That officially makes them the fastest web host we’ve seen. By a long shot.

A2 sweetens the deal with a friendly, US-based support team that’s available at all hours of the day (seriously — give them a try). They cost $3.92/mo. The catch? You gotta be willing to sign up for 24 months. They do, however, have a nice 30-day guarantee. So well worth the gamble.


Use ‘HOSTINGFACTS’ coupon: 53% OFF for visitors

Or read why we rated A2 Hosting #2 in our reviews.


3. SITEGROUND: Best for WordPress ($3.95/mo)

  • SiteGround reviewLOAD TIME: 542ms (4th out of 30)
  • UPTIME: 99.98%
  • DOMAIN COST: $14.95
  • SUPPORT: Most knowledgeable and friendly support, especially towards WordPress (via live chat).

Why we secommend SiteGround?

Their 99.98% uptime is very good (#6 on our list). An average of 542ms for page loading times ain’t too shabby, either.

Our favorite aspect, though, was their support team. They’re by far the most knowledgeable team we dealt with… and out of 30+ companies, that’s saying a lot!

They’re especially awesome with WordPress-based sites. (Which is, like, everyone reading this most likely.) They cost $3.95/mo.


or read why we rated SiteGround #3rd in our reviews


4. BLUEHOST CLOUD: Best for Beginners ($5.95/mo)

Bluehost review

Uptime? Average uptime is 99.96% (10th out of 30)
Load time? Average load time is 490ms (2nd out of 30)

P.S. This is NOT the regular Bluehost shared hosting (ranked #24th).

Bluehost is by far the most user-friendly web host to use host that we’ve came across.

They recently launched their new-and-improved Bluehost Cloud offering delivers a helluva better performance. Their average uptime is a strong 99.96%. And their average page loading times come in at 490ms.

Give this new version of Bluehost a chance, and you won’t be disappointed. They regularly cost $6.95/mo, but we’ve managed to negotiate a better deal: $5.95/mo and a FREE domain name. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s well worth it.


or read why we rated Bluehost Cloudb #4th in our reviews


5. EHOST: Best New Host ($2.75/mo)

Uptime? Average uptime is 99.99%. (1st out of 30)Ehost review
Load time? Average load time is 548ms. (5th out of 30)

EHOST is not a household hosting name.

And that’s too bad. Becuase they’re one of the most consistent performers we’ve seen over the past ~sixteen months straight.

During that time, they’ve posted the best uptime we’ve seen: 99.99%!

Their speed ain’t terrible, either, clocking in at 548ms. (Good enough for 5th on our list.)

Looking for a decent mix of both? Give ’em a shot.



6. INMOTION: Best Business Hosting ($5.99/mo)

Uptime? Average uptime is 99.97%. (7th out of 30)Inmotion hosting review
Load time? Average load time is 596ms. (6th out of 30)

InMotion delivers in both key categories:

  • An almost-always-on uptime of 99.97%, and
  • A quicker-than-most 596ms page loading times

To top it all off, we gave their customer support a solid 10 out of 10. They were that good!

Major drawback? No instant account activation if you’re not located within the U.S.

Read our InMotion Hosting Review


7. A SMALL ORANGE: Best Boutique Hosting ($5.92)

Uptime? Average uptime is 99.95%. (11th out of 30)ASmallOrange Review
Load time? Average load time is 631ms. (7th out of 30)

The name might be silly.

But their performance isn’t.

Our live test website on A Small Orange has seen uptime of 99.95% and speeds of 631ms. Not the best we’ve seen in either category, but pretty decent across the board.

Read Review


8. SITE5: Best Hosting for Web Designers ($6.95)

Uptime? Average uptime is 99.97%. (3rd out of 30)Site5 review
Load time? Average load time is 700ms. (8th out of 30)

Site5 isn’t bad per se. But they’re not great, either.

They do offer great and fast support and their performance over the last 12 months has improved a lot.

Producing an average uptime of 99.97% and load time 700ms is actually really great, but it comes at a price.

At a quite heavy one – cheapest plan starts at 6.95$/month.


9. DREAMHOST: Best Dedicated Hosting ($7.95/mo)

Uptime? Average uptime is 99.98%. (6th out of 30)Dreamhost review
Load time? Average load time is 636ms. (9th out of 30)

You’ve probably heard of Dreamhost. Who hasn’t?!

They’re one of the biggest, most well-known companies in the industry.

That experience pays off with an above-average uptime of 99.98%.

Unfortunately, however, their 636ms page loading times let them down a little bit. Also, they don’t offer phone support. Weird, right?

Dreamhost’s pricing, considering these performance stats, is also on the expensive side, too (at ~$9.99/month).

Read our Review

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10. HOSTPAPA: Best Green Hosting ($3.95/mo)

Uptime? Average uptime is 99.95%. (13th out of 30)
Load time? Average load time is 937ms. (18th out of 30)

HostPapa is about ‘middle of the table’ in both major categories.

Their 99.95% uptime is better than the 99.90% average. But almost everyone else in this Top 10 outperforms them here.

The page loading times of 937ms are also on the lower side, too.

They make up for it in a few other categories. Namely, pricing and support. But otherwise, not the best we’ve seen.

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