Bus Tour Travel Booking Management Free Download

Bus tour reservation management system.


  1. 3 user levels with different access permissions: Administrator, Employee and Reseller
  2. Manage destinations
  3. Manage tours
  4. Clients history log
  5. Search and make reservations
  6. Sales and earnings stats
  7. Multilanguage support

How to install?

  1. Go to the url where you uploaded trip express app and add ‘/install’ where you are going to put your database settings
  2. Then after you login change the default admin password and delete the install folder
  3. Go to the Destinations page and add the destinations that you are going to create tours for
  4. Go to the Tours page and create new tours
  5. Go to the Bookings page to make new reservations based on the available tours you created earlier

Bus Tour Travel Booking Management Free Download