Eat these foods to lose weight in a week!

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Who said you have to stop eating to lose weight! You can happily hog on these foods without packing on those kilos. Wondering how? Read on.

1. Celery – Almost 95% of it is water!


2. Kale – As much as you hate it, one cup of kale, only has 33 calories.


3. Blueberries – One cup has about 85 calories, but it’s super-rich in antioxidants.


4. Cucumber – It’s mostly made up of water, and only has 16 calories per serving.


5. Tomatoes – One, medium sized tomato, only has 25 calories, but it’s full of vitamins.


6. Grapefruit – It’s so high in fibre, that it helps you lose weight. And one half of a grapefruit, only has 50 calories.


7. Broccoli – It only has 33 calories, per serving, and is super-rich in vitamins.

8. Cauliflower – Only 25 calories, per serving. So get started with the new cauliflower rice, trend.

9. Blackberries – It has some incredible health benefits, and only contains 62 calories, in a single serving.


10. Lettuce – Any type of lettuce, only has 10-20 calories, per serving, making your caesar salad even lighter, than you imagined.


11. Oranges – Apart from being rich in vitamin C, one medium-sized orange, only has 80 calories.


12. Strawberries – Everyone’s favourite fruit, only has 50 calories, per serving. Does strawberries covered in chocolate, count?

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