Laravel Open Source Shopping Cart(AvoRed E-Commerce)

AvoRed is a e-commerce platform written in PHP based on Laravel.
Its an ingenuous and modular e-commerce that is easily customizable according to your needs, with a modern responsive mobile friendly interface as default.
The main advantage of being an modular E-Commerce is you can download a module that is required by your E-Commerce so it is not tightly couple E-Commerce application.


 Product Management

Our Product Management module is extremely simple to learn so that you can easily manage Product Categories, Images, Attributes, and Properties. This gives you more time to focus on your core business activities.

 Order Management

When it comes to order management, AvoRed keeps track of the order itself and manages data for the customer. It also gives you information regarding your products inventory and quantity available to fill your orders.


AvoRed has a marketing module that lets you send promotional email to your customers. Its subscribe for newsletters module can greatly help market your products to increas the sale and generate better revenue.

Download Laravel Open Source Shopping Cart(AvoRed E-Commerce)