Theme Portal Marketplace v4.3

Theme Portal Marketplace v4.3

One Click Installation No need to export SQL separetly Multi Language Front end switcher Strong Analytics showcase Product Section : Categories Management Sub Categories Management Adding Products Adding Products image gallery Manage Products Solo Analytics for products User Management Section : User List section User solo details


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  1. BorntoHell Post author

    This script was easy to crack..
    1.) you are given the database file. So you will need to open the .sql file and insert the following after the table ts_user

    — Dumping data for table `ts_user`

    INSERT INTO `ts_user` (`user_id`, `user_uname`, `user_fname`, `user_lname`, `user_email`, `user_pwd`, `user_mobile`, `user_address`, `user_country`, `user_state`, `user_city`, `user_zip`, `user_registerdate`, `user_status`, `user_key`, `user_accesslevel`, `user_plans`, `user_plansdate`, `user_paypalemail`, `user_vplans`, `user_vplansdate`, `user_social`) VALUES
    (1, ‘admin’, ‘dog’, ‘shit’, ‘[email protected]’, ’25d55ad283aa400af464c76d713c07ad’, ”, ”, 0, ”, ”, ”, ‘2017-01-30 02:51:23’, 0, ”, 1, 0, ”, ”, 0, ”, ”);
    — ——————————————————–
    2.) you need to create a database named “themeportal” or one of your choosing.
    3.) You need to edit the the config.php file that is in the applications/config/ directory. Edit file lines to these lines

    $config[‘base_url’] = ”;
    $config[‘index_page’] = ‘index.php’;
    4. You need to enter your database information in the database.php file that is in the same directory.
    5. You need to open the main index.php file, and at the bottom, there is a line that has this code

    $ckText = file_get_contents(‘installer/check_install.txt’);
    if( trim($ckText) != ‘no’ ) {
    echo ‘

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