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advance point of sale

                <h2 id="item-description__-some-key-features">
                Some Key features:

                    <li>Simple responsive and attractive User Interface</li>
                            <li>Product advance management</li>
                            <li>Product Label Printing</li>
                            <li>Product with dynamic included taxation</li>
                            <li>Edit Product Price, Quantity, Sale tax and discount from POS</li>
                            <li>Each Item discount able.(Can be turn ON or OFF for dedicated item)</li>
                            <li>Advance product label printing attached to each product with wide range of advance options. </li>
                        Point Of Sale
                            <li>Open/close Sale Register/Chapter</li>
                            <li>Management for Sale Register/Chapter</li>
                            <li>Point of sale Bar-code scanner compatible</li>
                            <li>Print Receipts and also with A4 size</li>
                            <li>Skip-able precipitant print</li>
                            <li>Sale and refund solution at a place.</li>
                            <li>Sale Confirmation before refund back</li>
                            <li>Default Category Product list can be set</li>
                            <li>Product icon with multiple skins</li>
                            <li>Individually item discountable</li>
                            <li>Order Holding feature</li>
                            <li>Set Default Customer (i.e walking customer)</li>
                            <li>Set Default/select Payment gateway</li>
                            <li>Set Default/select Included sale tax</li>
                            <li>Turn ON/OFF order overall discount</li>
                            <li>Staff Note</li>
                            <li>Payment Note</li>
                            <li>Quick Amounts</li>
                            <li>Products Management</li>
                            <li>Categories Management</li>
                            <li>Subcategories Management</li>
                            <li>Suppliers Management</li>
                            <li>Customers Management</li>
                            <li>Expense Management</li>
                            <li>Purchase Order Management</li>
                            <li>Taxes Methods Handling</li>
                            <li>Payment Gateways Management</li>
                            <li>Warehouse Management</li>
                        Finance Charts
                            <li>Sale Yearly Chart </li>
                            <li>Tax Yearly Chart </li>
                            <li>Cost Yearly Chart </li>
                            <li>Refunds Yearly Chart </li>
                            <li>Expense Yearly Chart </li>
                        </li><li>By Month (i.e Month &#38; Year )</li>
                        <li>By Period (i.e Start form to end till)</li>
                        <li>By Quick time frame(Today or Yesterday)</li>
                            <li>Inventory Alerts with low quantity impacts</li>
                            <li>Sale Report (Payable,Profit,Sold Items,Discount etc)</li>
                            <li>Sale customer based filtration</li>
                            <li>Cost Report (Net cost,Purchased Items,Shipping Amount,Included Tax and Discount etc )</li>
                            <li>Tax Report (Sale Tax Collection,Refund Tax depreciation and Purchased Order Tax)</li>
                            <li>Reports can be save for futures</li>
                            <li>Saved Reports Management</li>

                    <li>DataBase Backup and Restore</li>
                    <li>Master Settings or Advance Configurations
                            <li>General Setting (Can change Name,default email,set prefixes and system skins etc)</li>
                            <li>Logo Setting (Can Update Application logo)</li>
                            <li>Mail Configuration (Mail Config for Quick mail service.)</li>
                            <li>Impacts (Define Impacts levels for inventory alerts)</li>
                            <li>Product Default (Set Defaults for new Product i,e bar-code Symbology,included tax,low quantity Alert etc)</li>
                            <li>POS Setting (Set defaults for Pos portal , i,e Default Payment Gateway,tax,discount status and control product icon appearance.)</li>
                            <li>Activity Logs (Manage activity logs)</li>
                        User Management
                            <li>Create New User</li>
                            <li>Create New Group</li>
                            <li>User Management (User Authentication PIN)</li>
                            <li>Permission group Management</li>
                            <li>Manage Dedicated Permission request</li>
                    <li>Every User activity logs recodes.</li>
                    <li>Refunds Surcharge/plenty </li>
                    <li>Build in Quick,Simple and fast mail service</li>
                    <li>Lightweight and fully optimized application. </li>
                    <li>Form CSRF Protection</li>
                    <li>Overall detailed dashboard</li>
                    <li>Quick Purchase Orders according to supplier</li>
                Please visit Live Preview and disclose much more by just yourself.

                            <h5 id="item-description__live-demo-use-credentials-for-login-below">Live Demo | Use credentials for login below</h5>

                            Demo Login Information ( php7.3 or less)
                                   <li> For Owner (Full Permissions) :- <a rel="nofollow" href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a></li>
                                   <li>For Admin (Administrative Permissions) :- <a rel="nofollow" href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a></li>
                                   <li>For Manager (Managing Permissions) :- <a rel="nofollow" href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a></li>
                                   <li> For Purchaser (Permission Related Purchase) :- <a rel="nofollow" href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a></li>
                                   <li>For Salesman (Permission to Sale) :- <a rel="nofollow" href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a></li>
                                <h3 id="item-description__-password-for-all-12345678"> Password for all: 12345678</h3>

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                            <h5 id="item-description__documentation">Documentation</h5>
                            <p>Documentation can be helpful to move on with Next Advance Point of sale ,particularity about installation.
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