Ekattor Student Assignment Addon Free Download



This add-on provides your school teachers to create assignments online.

Teachers digitally put their assignment questions or home works using this add-on inside your school’s Ekattor portal, and students can answer the assignments from their home. Teachers can review the submitted answers from students and give marks for them.

How it works

  • Ekattor school ERP should be pre-installed in your server
  • Purchase assignment add-on for Ekattor ERP from Codecanyon
  • Download and install the add-on to your Ekattor ERP application
  • Login to Ekattor School Erp as a teacher
  • Create assignments for a specific class and subject
  • Create questions for that assignment
  • Set a due date for the submission of the assignment
  • Now publish the assignment for the students
  • Once the assignment is published, the students will see it on their portal
  • Students will be able to submit their answers till the due date
  • Observe the answers of the students after passed the due date of assignment submission, and give marks
  • Students will be able to view the results of their assignments from their portal



<a rel="nofollow" href="https://creativeitem.com/product_page/ekattor-addon-assignment/assignment-listing.png" rel="nofollow">
    <img src="https://creativeitem.com/product_page/ekattor-addon-assignment/assignment-listing.png" alt="Ekattor Student Assignment Addon - 1" />

Student panel: Assignment listing page. Filterable by subject and teacher

<a rel="nofollow" href="https://creativeitem.com/product_page/ekattor-addon-assignment/answers-submission-page.png" rel="nofollow">
    <img src="https://creativeitem.com/product_page/ekattor-addon-assignment/answers-submission-page.png" alt="Ekattor Student Assignment Addon - 2" />

Student panel: Answers submission page. Students submit their answers from here

<a rel="nofollow" href="https://creativeitem.com/product_page/ekattor-addon-assignment/assignment-result.png" rel="nofollow">
    <img src="https://creativeitem.com/product_page/ekattor-addon-assignment/assignment-result.png" alt="Ekattor Student Assignment Addon - 3" />

Student panel: Assignment listing page. Students will see the results of assignments here.

<a rel="nofollow" href="https://creativeitem.com/product_page/ekattor-addon-assignment/published-assignment-list.png" rel="nofollow">
    <img src="https://creativeitem.com/product_page/ekattor-addon-assignment/published-assignment-list.png" alt="Ekattor Student Assignment Addon - 4" />

Teacher panel: Assignment listing page. All published assignments for students.

<a rel="nofollow" href="https://creativeitem.com/product_page/ekattor-addon-assignment/create-assignment.png" rel="nofollow">
    <img src="https://creativeitem.com/product_page/ekattor-addon-assignment/create-assignment.png" alt="Ekattor Student Assignment Addon - 5" />

Teacher panel: Assignment creation form. The teacher creates the assignment from here.

<a rel="nofollow" href="https://creativeitem.com/product_page/ekattor-addon-assignment/create-question.png" rel="nofollow">
    <img src="https://creativeitem.com/product_page/ekattor-addon-assignment/create-question.png" alt="Ekattor Student Assignment Addon - 6" />

Teacher panel: Question creation form. Adds the question of assignment here.

Requirements :

  • Ekattor School Erp pre-installed in your web server.
  • Download Ekattor here –


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