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Simple Bookmark 3.0 February 9th 2020

An easy to implement and use of a bookmark system for any website

<strong>SBM 3.0</strong> brought SBM to current level of technology &#8230; more information in the changelog

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You can use any existing user management – but you don’t need any. Either your userids (integer) or any string key (email, username, IP-Address) can be used to identify your users. Since SBM 2.5 you can use COOKIES too. You should also tell the class if your user is authenticated or not. On this demo page I set the auth-value automatically to true and used your IP addresses as key to identify you.
Just include SBM script on every page where you like to offer bookmark function, initialize class and show form or bookmarks.

More information can be found under <strong>Manual</strong> on demo page.

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Current Version Simple Bookmark 3.0 February 9th 2020

<em>Updates V3.0 February 9th 2020</em>

fixes and refurbishments all over<br />

added styling/layout and localization options to class
dropped showForm method – no longer needed, can all be done with showLink
mysqli support
PHP7.4+ support
enhanced ajax bookmarking
added (bootstrap) notifications
new demo and manual

<em>Updates V2.5 August 1st 2013</em>

&gt; -) Cookies can now be used to identify users also<br />

-) JQuery 1.10.2 supported (works with Jquery 1.4.2 and higher equaly)

<em>Updates V2.0 2012-05-11</em>

&gt; -) AJAX Support<br />

-) works furthermore without javascript too
-) Adding bookmarks without page loading form the form or the link-version
-) Possibility to remove bookmarks without page loading
-) Added a jump-to-bookmark function (select options)

<em>Updates V1.1 2010-02-12</em>

&gt; -&gt; Small fixes in the manual and helpfile<br />

-> Possibility to get an overview of all bookmarks of all users
-> Function to display how many a single page is bookmarked
-> Added possibility to use a link for bookmarking instead of the form

<em>Official Release V1.0 2010-01-06</em>

&gt; -&gt; first version released

<p>thx&#38;happy bookmark<br />